Every business has its own target segment. We help businesses to move from rigid pre-defined audience categories to intuitively defining their own custom target segments. 

With big data technology, C&X Partners has access to 95% of the total internet user’s data in China. Understand the market and competitors first. We will find the right audience for you.

  • Your Brand’s Positioning Analysis
  • Competitors’ Market Segment analysis
  • In-depth Audience Knowledge (Geophrapics, Demographics, Psychographics)
  • Audience Analysis (Consumer Behaviour Patterns)
  • Audience Profiling

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C&X Partners offers a one-stop cross-channel targeting solution. Covering 95% of Internet Users’ Data in China with 98% targeting accuracy.Run through our live database to help you reach out to the right target at the real-time and at the right place.

  • 750 million active netizens on a monthly basis
  • 19 Attributes analysed per person
  • Define your audience- high net-worth travellers, international students, local residents and more

Targeting Travellers [IP Targeting]

Pre- Travel

Chinese travellers who have travelled to Australia at least once in the past 12 months

Chinese travellers who will visit Australia in the next 30 days


Chinese travelers who are currently in Australia or other regions


Target Audience

Sample Message

Booked the flight ticket to Australia within Wechat

Discussed Gold Coast trip scheme with friends in QQ

Shared Gold Coast travel tips on Wechat Moments

Browsed Q1 sight-seeing content via QQ browser

Don’t miss out summer beer
festival next week!

Is Your Business Ready To Capture The Opportunity?

Chinese travellers & consumers can’t buy your products and services because of the language barrier, payment methods difference & unfamiliar interface.

Make everything simple! Provide familiarised platforms for Chinese consumers.

  • Official WeChat Account
  • Mini-Program
  • Content Localisation
  • Cross-border Payments

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Do you sell services? Do you sell goods? Online & Offline?

C&X Partners can assist your business in selling goods and services.

  • Listing your goods & services online
  • Import & export advisory
  • Sourcing Distributor & Supplier
  • Engaging sellers and buyers
  • Assist products to be sold in top supermarket chains and retails
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If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will

C&X Partners’s bilingual professional customer service representatives will handle all enquiries.

  • In-bound enquiries handling service
  • Reservations & Orders
  • Complaints & Feedbacks

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